5 Amazing Amazon Home Decor Finds

Amazon Decor Finds Melanie Thomas

[photos by: @thestudiomagnolia, location: Heights House]

 1. Multi-colored throw blanket with tassels

Neutral Amazon Throw Blanket

I’ve had this blanket for almost two years now and I definitely give it 5 stars. I really like that it’s neutral, but that it also has pops of dark green with the stripes. I mainly use this throw as a blanket on the couch, but have also taken it to picnics in the park and have used it to sit on at the beach. I like that that material doesn’t really allow for sand to stick to it, so it’s really easy to shake out and isn’t bulky like a normal towel. It reminds me of a much thicker Turkish towel. You can also wash and dry it as normal in the washing machine, which is an added bonus, because I don’t love items with special care instructions.

2. Gold Baroque Wall Mirror

Gold Baroque Amazon Mirror- Anthropology Dupe

This gold Baroque-style mirror is giving me major Anthropologie vibes. Thankfully, the price tag isn’t nearly what you’d pay if you were to buy the now infamous “Gleaming Primrose Mirror“. It’s also got an almost 5-star rating and is available for Prime delivery.

3. Small rectangle and wood stools

Small Wooden Stools Amazon

These stools have over 1,000 reviews and almost all of them are positive. They’re really easy to style too. You could place one near your sink with soap dispensers on it or use one on a shelf as a stand for a plant. The opportunities to work these tiny stools into your space are truly infinite. Plus, they won’t break the bank with an under $30 price tag.

4. Acrylic Monitor Stand

Acrylic Monitor Riser for Computer Amazon

Within the last year, a lot more people have been forced to work from home. This means that our living room and kitchens aren’t just used for lounging and cooking anymore. Instead, we’re having to make our homes into home offices. After sitting on my couch and at my kitchen counter hunched over for far too long, my back started killing me. That’s when I started looking for a solution, only to find that most computer risers and stands aren’t that aesthetically pleasing. After lots of searching, I found this gem and it’s been a game changer for my back and neck. It also doesn’t clutter up my kitchen counter, since it’s see-through, which I love.

5.  Set of Classic Wall Sconces

Gold Wall Sconces Amazon

These wall sconces look not only timeless, but extremely high-end…especially, considering they’re from Amazon! I’m ordering these, but haven’t decided yet where they’ll end up. I’ll either put one on each side of our bed and get rid of the lamps on our nightstands or place a large piece of artwork over our couch with these flanking it. I could picture so many possibilities for these beautiful sconces though- flanking a bathroom mirror or on both sides of a mirror above a console table. Where would you put them?

TIP: Thanks to a creative hack on TikTok you no longer have to hardwire sconces into the wall, which makes hanging them rental friendly. Just order these puck lights and this screw in plug (to attach the pucks to) and viola! Remote controlled sconces that aren’t hard wired. Just remove the wires from the back or hide them inside the fixture.

6. Artificial Olive Tree

Faux Fake Olive Tree Amazon

Olive trees are one of the hottest interior design trends that we’re seeing in 2021. Unfortunately, faux olive trees usually come with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, Amazon offers this one for under $150. While it may not be identical quality to some of the higher-end faux olive trees, it does have over 600 ratings averaging 4 stars.

7. Artificial Eucalyptus Branches

Artificial Eucalyptus Branches

Not looking to break the bank with a faux tree or simply don’t have the room for one? No worries. You can still bring faux greenery into your space with faux branches. These branches are just as beautiful in real life as they are online. They are truly some of the best looking artificial branches I’ve ever seen. The over 4 stars and 500 reviews seem to agree with me too.



Feb 24, 2021

7 Amazing Quality Amazon Home Decor Finds

5 Amazing Amazon Home Decor Finds

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