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Unfortunately, there’s no super quick fix or pill you can take to magically wake up with longer healthier hair (and if there is please DM me ASAP haha), but there are definitely things you can be doing to help your locks grow longer and healthier. Some of the things are even free.

For me, the process of growing my hair out long has taken some serious dedication. That probably sounds dramatic, but it’s true. Taking care of my hair was never really a priority and it always seemed to fall at the bottom of my self care list. However, when my hair started falling out due to stress and health issues (hypothyroidism), I knew I needed to stop neglecting my mane and focus on taking care of it…as well as my health. Now, I’m happy to report that me and my hair are healthier and happier than ever. So, here are the things I implemented after getting my health in check, that helped me grow my hair out long and keep it that way.

Please note: If your hair is falling out (I’m sorry- because I know how scary that can be), I’d encourage you to speak with your doctor, ask about getting blood work and discuss your stress level. You may have an underlying health issue that’s affecting your hair and that should be addressed first and foremost. Your health is number one.

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  • Get a Wet Brush and change it every six months. These brushes are a game changer when it comes to detangling your wet hair post-shower. If you already have a Wet Brush, make sure you are changing it out regularly and cleaning the hair out after each use. The bristles need to be in good shape in order for it to work properly and not damage your hair, so if you’re using an old one you may be doing more harm than good.  Also, the hair that’s left in the brush may contain build-up and bacteria that you don’t want to put right back into your clean hair, so that’s why it’s important to pull the hair off the brush after each use. If ya want to get one for your fella too, they have a specific one marketed towards men.
  • Spray a detangling spray generously throughout your hair post-shower and take your time brushing through it. I used to just rush through brushing my hair and then wonder why there was so much hair in the brush afterwards. The key is to slow your roll. Stop ripping your hair out (literally) and take your time brushing. I’m still not great at this, but slowing down while brushing is a way to be mindful. It helps if you take a little section at a time and start working through the tangled bottoms first, before trying to brush down from the top.


  • Once your hair is completely detangled, braid it. This helps your hair from being pulled out while you’re tossing and turning in your sleep. It also helps it from tangling more while you’re sleeping, which means less knots/hair loss when you go to brush it in the morning. I use these satin scrunchies to tie the braid off. They are really gentle on your hair and cause less breakage.


  • After you braid your hair, put a hair oil on the ends. I use this one or this one. This helps add moisture to the ends of your hair, helps prevent split ends, frizziness and brittle hair. If you’re unsure of how far up to go with the oil, allow your hair to dry a little. The most damaged parts of the ends will dry first and that’s the area you’ll want to put the oil.


  • Wash your hair less and use a better product when you do. There’s no shame in using drugstore shampoo and conditioners if that’s what’s in your budget, but you have to find one that works for your hair. Don’t just go for what’s on sale, even-though it’s tempting. An affordable one I used to use was this and it worked really well for me. Your hair can get used to products though, so it’s good to not stick with the same one for too long. You can even alternate between two that you like, if you can afford it. Once I started using salon quality products though, I definitely noticed a difference. I’ve been using this shampoo and this conditioner and they’ve been great. Remember, that the key is to wash your hair less (I wash mine 2-3 times a week), so even if a product is a little more expensive or a lot more, you should be using less and it should last longer.


  • Don’t wait till your hair is greasy to put in dry shampoo. When your hair is air dried or you blow it out, put the dry shampoo in then, instead of waiting for your hair to get greasy. This will help your hair stay clean looking longer in-between washes. Don’t be scared to re-up on the dry shampoo either. I add more two days later to extend the time between washes.


  • Use a heat protectant when you’re using hot tools or going out in the sun. As Floridians, we forget sometimes that we’re constantly getting sun damage and our hair is no exception. So, if you are going to be using hot tools on your hair or are going to be exposed to sun throughout the day, you’ll want to add a layer of protection to your hair. Think of it this way: we put sunblock on to protect our skin, so why not put a heat protectant on to protect our hair? It’s important to prevent damage.


  • Do a hair mask 2x a week. Who has time for that? Right? That’s how I felt when my hairstylist suggested this, but I’m here to tell ya- it’s made all the difference! This is the one I use. Add this to your self-care Sunday routine and it’ll help you to remember to do it. Then pick one other day that you’re washing your hair that week and stick to those two days a week to put a mask on your hair. If you’re in a time crunch, wash your hair first thing in the shower and then put the mask on before bathing, shaving, etc., so it has some time to sit. Something is better than nothing.


  • Liquid collagen. I swear by this stuff. It’s pricey, but when I started taking it I was desperate to stop my hair loss. I didn’t notice a difference for three months though, so if you’re going to give it a try, please keep in mind that you have to be consistent and commit to it in order to see results. I’ve taken it for a year now and my hairdresser can’t believe what a difference it’s made in the length and thickness of my hair. I don’t get it for free, I’m not sponsored or anything like that, I just genuinely love this product and recommend it to everyone. I also have my husband taking it daily and I noticed a difference in his hair after just two months. GET $10 OFF W/MY CODE AT CHECKOUT: 3504760. HERE is another collagen that’s more affordable and is the one Kourtney Kardashian uses.


  • Lastly, schedule regular haircuts or “hair dustings”. It helps if you schedule your next appt. right when you checkout after a haircut, so you avoid procrastinating and going too long without returning for one. I know salon visits can be pricey though, so try scheduling a “dry hair dusting” of just the ends and not a full haircut if your salon offers it. A little bit of TLC goes a long way. If you’re brave enough, you can even try dusting it yourself, to extend the time between cuts and save money.




Feb 24, 2021

How To: A Step-by-Step Guide To How I Grew Longer & Healthier Hair

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